A Letter to Mom from a College Student


Mom, Mother, Mommy, Mum…
Right now, I am not a bedroom 10 feet from yours. I am not under your roof, I am not eating your food… right now, I am at college.
My days consist of class, and homework, and then mostly lying in bed watching Netflix (a sight I know you hate to see). I have meetings for clubs to attend, tests to study for, and friends to goof off with. It may not always sound it but I am pretty busy.
When you call and I don’t answer, I am having a dance session singing my lungs out to music with my friends. When I see that I missed call from you, I feel pretty bad I missed it and I promise the first chance I get to call back I always do.
When I am up late at night sitting in bed talking with my roommates as you are sound asleep, we are sharing stories from back home, most of those stories you appear in. We talk about how much we love our moms and how much we miss them, and I am not just saying that. I dont know if it’s just me but I think it’s pretty cool to be bffs with your mom. Most of my friends would agree. When I walk by my unmade bed, I find myself making it because I know I should as I hear your voice in the back of my head. When I do my laundry, I think about how much I took you and all the laundry you did for granted.

I miss you so much, but I also love being here and making you proud. Without your prominent impact on me as a human being, who is to say I would be where I am today. I am the girl I am because of you. As I begin to explore this world on my own, I will always look behind me hoping to see you watching me like you did when I first learned to walk. Although I may not always see you behind me, I know you are there. You are the phone call at 11 oclock pm I make when I can’t sleep because I am upset. You are the happy words I hear when I complete something I never thought I could. You are the voice of reason when I am stressed over too much work and homework. You are my rock.

Your desire for to me to grow to my full potential inspires me everyday to make you proud. In everything I do, I think of you and put my best effort forward just because I love the result of telling you, and getting to hear how proud you are of me.

High school sucked. Let’s just put it out there on the table. I would have never been able to survive a single day without you for those four years. You molded me into almost as strong a person as you are. You taught me to love myself, and to always hold my head high. You told me it was ok to be alone sometimes, something I hated. Whenever I have ever gone through a hard time in life I always think of you, and I am comforted by the fact I have a role model who is the strongest human being I know.

I am able to survive on my own now, without you right by my side. I still will always need you even if I can survive without you. My life would not be my life without you in it. Thank you for being a strong, independent, and kind role model. You make me want to be a better person, and I can honestly say I would not be half the person I am today without you. Thank you for being my rock, and my best friend.


77 thoughts on “A Letter to Mom from a College Student

  1. I also cried reading this..My Jena…I miss her like crazy. Because you sent this to me; I know you are doing well. You are one of the strongest women I know. We will always have a bond between us no matter where we are in the future. We are only a phone call away or face time away.. Luv you ALWAYS…


  2. My daughter sent to to me..could of literally been her that wrote it. So true. Just yesterday, called crying. I so want to fix the problem, but I can’t. Which is frustrating. I am appalled at how different college is compared to when I went. The amount of partying and pressure to drink. My daughter just isn’t one of them. And thats ok. But then again, she looks weird. Ugh..so hard on these freshman…


  3. My daughter is 3 hours away in her first year. She sent this to me to so I won’t worry about her. It is a big adjustment for all of us. But we know she can do it and we are very proud of her as always.


  4. Wow ….what a letter being amother of a college
    Doughter i had tears in my eyes after she send it to me im so happy to hear the way she feel about me and i am verry proud of especially because she is the fist one in our generation to go to to a 4 year university. Gio i love you& you are my rock too.


  5. Love the letter. I have always been close with my daughter. She is in her sophomore year and almost a two hour drive away, except on weekends, then she can be a few hours to 14 hours away competing. I am proud and will continue to be as she pursues a college degree and career. She knows she can call me day or night, whenever she needs to share any and all experiences, heartaches, accomplishments, etc.


  6. OMG My sweet little Lana, I am sorry it took me a few days to read this. I sure hope that everyone around you appreciates what a gem you are. Lifts you up and emulates what you need from them when you need it. You, my children are my most important mission here on Earth. I feel and worry about you with every fiber of my being everyday. If anyone hurts one little hair on your beautiful head….. I am always here for you and you don’t have to graduate college or win the Nobel Prize in order for me to be proud of you and I could’ nt love you more than I do . To my little Lana, from Mom.


  7. Hey Cami. Hard to believe that someone other than you wrote this letter. I guess things are the same in many homes. I know that you feel the same way about me and our lives. I love you so much and I am so proud of you and what you have and will accomplish in your life. As you could have guessed, I cried through most of the letter, geez. I love you, Dad


  8. Tammie says:

    Thank you so much Ashley. This letter was exactly you. You have been gone right out of high school.
    We still talk or face time everyday. I am soooo proud of you and love you tonnes. You are my rock too. One day I will make a letter about my daughters and son. They are there for me as well.
    LOVE MOM xoxoxo


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